Welcome to Ensemble

What is Ensemble?

Ensemble is a platform where you can build, publish, and iterate native and web apps without leaving your browser.

With Ensemble, you create apps by defining them using a declarative language. Think of it as configuring your app, instead of coding it. Ensemble apps are rendered at runtime by interpreting this declerative definition. This architecture means that:

  1. Ensemble apps are native to each platform: iOS, Android, and web.
  2. Ensemble apps can be updated instantly because the app definitions are pushed to clients. You can use Ensemble's cloud service, or use your own server.
  3. Ensemble apps always leverage the latest front-end technologies (Flutter for iOS and Android, React for web) so that you don't have to worry about tech-debt incured by using these technologies.


How do I build my app?

Ensemble provides a browser-based IDE, Ensemble Studio (opens in a new tab), where you can build, test, and publish your apps all from the browser. You can instantly preview your Ensemble apps on iOS and Anrdoid devices using Ensemble preview app. Once ready to publish, Ensemble automatically push your apps to Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore. For web, you can download a web build and host it on any service.

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