GraphQL is a query language and runtime for APIs that enables clients to request precisely the data they need from the server. It provides a more efficient and flexible alternative to traditional RESTful APIs by allowing clients to define the structure of their data requests. Key concepts include a schema defining data types, queries for data retrieval, mutations for data modification, subscriptions for real-time updates, and GraphQL clients for interacting with GraphQL APIs on the client side.

GraphQL clients

A GraphQL client is a software tool or library that simplifies communication between client applications and GraphQL APIs. It helps in constructing and sending GraphQL queries, mutations, and subscriptions to the server, managing responses, handling errors, and optimizing data fetching. GraphQL clients abstract away the complexities of making HTTP requests and parsing GraphQL responses, making it easier for developers to work with GraphQL APIs in their applications.

Using Ensemble as a GraphQL client

This tutorial will explain how to utilize Ensemble as a GraphQL client, encompassing tasks such as sending GraphQL queries and mutations, as well as handling the resulting responses.