Shape Widget

ECreate and customize a variety of shapes to add flair to your UI. Use this widget in combination with LoadingContainer (opens in a new tab) to create compelling loading states.


typestringType of the shape, circle rectangle oval square


borderRadiusstring or integerThe border radius of the widget. This can be specified using CSS-like notation with 1 to 4 integers. Minimum value: 0.
widthintegerThe width property determines the horizontal size of an element, allowing control over its width dimension within the layout.
heightintegerThe height property determines the vertical size of an element, allowing control over its height dimension within the layout.
backgroundColorinteger or stringBackground color of the box. which can be represented in different formats. It can be specified as a number, a predefined color name, or a hexadecimal value starting with '0x'. transparent black blue white red grey teal amber pink purple yellow green brown cyan indigo lime orange