8 Google Play API Key

Guide: Generating Google Play Console API Key


This guide outlines the steps to generate a Google Play Console API Key, enabling seamless deployment of APKs or App Bundles directly to the Google Play Store. Make sure to follow these steps sequentially for a smooth process.

Note: Before using the Google API for direct app uploads, you must manually upload at least one build to Google Play Console. However, the build system can still be used to obtain the APK/App Bundle for subsequent uploads.

Steps for Creating Google Play API Key

  1. Log in to Google Cloud Console:

  2. Select Google Play Console Developer:

    • Confirm that your account is set to Google Play Console Developer in the dropdown menu (located right of the Google Cloud Console logo).
  3. Access APIs & Services:

    • Select APIs & Services from Quick Access. If not visible, use the search bar in the top center.

Google Cloud Console Home screen

  1. Navigate to Credentials:

    • In the left panel, click on Credentials.
  2. Create Service Account:

    • Click on + Create Credentials at the top, then select Service Account.
    • Provide a name for the service account (memorable for identification).
    • Click Create and Continue.

Add Credentials

  1. Define Role:
    • Choose the role as Service Account User.
    • Click Done to create the API Key.

Select adequate role

  1. Copy Email Address:

    • Copy the email address of the created key (will be needed later).
  2. Manage Key:

    • Click on the edit icon in the Action row, select Manage Key.

Manage Key

  1. Generate JSON Key File:
    • In the Keys tab, click on Add Key, then Create new key.
    • Choose JSON and click Create.
    • Save the downloaded .json file securely.

Download json key

Note: This key needs to be linked to Google Play Console before use.

  1. Link Key to Google Play Console:

  2. Invite New Users:

    • Click on Invite New Users and paste the email address saved in step 7.

Invite new user

  1. Set App Permissions:
    • In the App Permissions tab, select the apps for direct upload using the build system.

App Permissions

  1. Configure Account Permissions:
    • In the Account Permissions tab, check relevant options under App Access and Releases.

Account permissions 1 Account permissions 2

  1. Send Invite:
    • Click on Invite User, then Send Invite to link the generated key with the apps successfully.

Follow these steps diligently to ensure a hassle-free setup of your Google Play Console API Key.