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Animations in EnsembleUI

Welcome to our Animations page! Here, you'll learn how to bring your website to life with stunning page transition animations. Elevate user experience and captivate your audience with smooth transitions that seamlessly guide them through your content. Get ready to add a touch of magic to your web pages with our animation techniques.

Note: Currently we only support page transition animations.

Example Let us take an example of how page transition animations work. We can make it work in teo ways either at the Screen or in the Theme.

Page Level

- Button:
    label: Navigate to Home
        name: Home
          type: bottomToTopPop
          duration: 250 # millisecond is default


The type property under transition property for NavigateScreen action allows you to chose kind of animation you want. There are list of options you can chose from.


We can also define animations in our App theme, here is how you can do it. You can learn more about theme here.

    type: size
    alignment: topRight
    duration: 300 # Millisecond


Works similarly to page level transition in the screen but now we are defining it in Theme which makes it applicable to page transitions across the whole App.

List of Animation Types

FadeSmoothly transition between pages with a gentle fading effect, creating a seamless and elegant user experience.
RightToLeftSlide pages from right to left, providing a visually pleasing flow that guides users through your content.
LeftToRightEngage users with a left-to-right animation, giving a sense of progression and intuitive navigation.
TopToBottomBring a sense of depth to your pages as they transition from top to bottom, creating a visually immersive experience.
BottomToTopEnhance user engagement by animating pages from bottom to top, adding a touch of dynamism to your website.
ScaleAdd a dramatic effect as pages smoothly scale in and out, providing a visually striking transition between content.
RotateGive your pages a unique twist as they rotate into view, creating a captivating and memorable animation.
SizePlay with the size of your pages as they transition, making them expand or contract for a visually engaging effect.
RightToLeftWithFadeCombine the sliding motion of right-to-left transition with a fading effect, adding an extra layer of elegance to your page transitions.
LeftToRightWithFadeBlend left-to-right motion with a fade effect, delivering a seamless and visually pleasing transition between pages.
LeftToRightPopGrab attention with a pop animation that slides pages from left to right, creating a dynamic and impactful transition.
RightToLeftPopAdd an eye-catching pop animation to your page transitions as they slide from right to left, making a lasting impression on your users.
TopToBottomPopInfuse excitement into your transitions with a pop animation that brings pages into view from top to bottom, captivating your audience.
BottomToTopPopElevate user experience with a pop animation that animates pages from bottom to top, adding a delightful touch to your website's transitions.