Global Scripts

Defining and Re-using Javascript Code

There are two ways to re-use js code as follows -

  • Global block within a screen definition. This, despite its name, is limited to the screen it is defined in and cannot be referenced in other screens
  • Scripts a script that is defined independent of a screen (see video below) may be used anywhere in the app by simply importing it.

In both cases above, you can define javascript variables (only var is supported as this is ES5, see here) or functions.

Example of Global code block within a screen

  #your screen definition
Global: |-
  //code block
  function sum(a,b) {
    return a + b;

Example of re-usable Script defined outside a screen and imported in any screen or widget

A script defined outside a screen, however, can be imported on any screen or widget across the app by simply doing -

  - myScript

Watch the following video for how to define a js library and re-use it across the app