Pull to Refresh

Pull To Refresh

Pull to Refresh is a common interaction pattern in mobile app development, allowing users to refresh the content of a view by pulling it down. In Ensemble, you can implement Pull to Refresh using the onPullToRefresh event and update the content dynamically. Let's break down the example:

        scrollable: true
        padding: 20 20 200
        gap: 8
    onPullToRefresh: |-
        data: ${}
        name: number
            text: ${number}
            backgroundColor: cyan
            textAlign: center
Global: |-
  //@code = [8, 3, 5];
  function generateRandomNumber() {

onPullToRefresh Event: onPullToRefresh: |- generateRandomNumber();: Specifies the callback function (generateRandomNumber) to be executed when the user pulls to refresh. This ensures that new random numbers are generated and the list is updated when the user performs a pull-to-refresh gesture.

Item Template: data: ${}: Binds the list of random numbers (stored in to the item template. This data will be used to populate the list. name: number: Sets a reference name for each item in the list. text: ${number}: Binds each Text widget to a specific number in the list, ensuring that the correct data is displayed for each item.

Global Section (Initialization): = [8, 3, 5];: Initializes the RandomNumbers array with some initial values. generateRandomNumber function: Generates new random numbers when called. This function is triggered on pull-to-refresh.