When an event is triggered (e.g. button is tapped), you can perform actions such as navigate to a screen, call an API, or even run JavaScript code.

Backend API interaction

invokeAPIinvokeAPI is used for calling an API. You can call an API on events such as a button tap or on screen load.

Navigation & UI transitions

navigateScreennavigateScreen action facilitates smooth navigation to a specific screen or page within the app's interface.
navigateModalScreennavigateModalScreen action opens a specific screen or page as a modal overlay, focusing on the temporary view without losing the main app context.
navigateViewGroupnavigateViewGroup action allows users to navigate between menu items while maintaining the menu in place. This simulate the experience when user taps on different nav items.
navigateBacknavigateBack action allows users to go back to the previous screen or page within the app's navigation stack.
showDialogshowDialog action triggers the display of a modal dialog box within the app, presenting important information or notifications.
closeAllDialogscloseAllDialogs action dismisses or closes all open modal dialogs within the app, ensuring a clutter-free interface.
showToastshowToast action displays a temporary notification or message on the app interface, providing concise and contextual updates to users.
uploadFilesuploadFiles action allows users to select and upload files from their device to the app, facilitating data transfer and sharing.

Device capabilities

openCameraopenCamera action allows users to access their device's camera within the app for capturing images and videos.
getLocationgetLocation action retrieves the device's current location, enabling location-based functionalities within the app.
requestNotificationAccessrequestNotificationAccess action prompts users to grant permission for the app to send notifications to their device.
showNotificationshowNotification action displays local notifications within the app, notifying users of important events or information.
notificationnotification action manages and handles notifications within the app, enabling effective communication with users and delivering timely updates and alerts.
pickFilespickFiles action enables users to select files from their device for further processing or usage within the app.
uploadFilesuploadFiles action allows users to select and upload files from their device to the app, facilitating data transfer and sharing.

Other interactions

executeCodeexecuteCode action executes custom code logic within the app, enabling dynamic functionality and personalized interactions.
openUrlopenUrl action opens external URLs or web links within the app, facilitating seamless integration with external content.
startTimerstartTimer action initiates a timer within the app, facilitating time-sensitive processes and triggering events after a specified duration.
openUrlopenUrl action allows users to open external URLs or web links within the app, enhancing content integration.
stopTimerstopTimer action halts or pauses a running timer within the app, providing control over time-sensitive processes.
copyToClipboardcopyToClipboard action copies text or content to the device's clipboard, facilitating easy sharing and transfer of information within the app.

3-rd party services

connectWalletconnectWallet action establishes a connection between the app and the user's digital wallet, enabling blockchain-based interactions and transactions.
openPlaidLinkOpen the Plaid Link Service so user can link their financial accounts to your service.

Audio Player

playAudioThe playAudio action allows users to play a given audio file from a URL or asset
pauseAudioThe pauseAudio action allows users to pause an already-playing audio file
resumeAudioThe resumeAudio action allows users to resume a previously paused audio
stopAudioThe stopAudio action allows users to stop a already playing audio file
seekAudioThe seekAudio action allows users to pause a already-playing audio file