Deep linking
Setup Deferred Deeplink

Setup Deferred Deeplink

In this guide, we'll integrate the deferred deep linking for the Android and iOS Apps. There are some service providers like branch, appsflyer, etc for deferred deep linking.

NOTE: Currently, we support only the BranchIO as of now.

BranchIO ( (opens in a new tab))

For Detailed Doc - (opens in a new tab)

Configure Branch Dashboard

  1. Go to Configuration -> General
  2. Setup Default URL
  3. Android Redirects
    • Android URI Scheme
    • Google Play Search or Custom URL
    • SHA 256 Certificate Fingerprints
    • Additional Settings
  4. iOS Redirects
    • iOS URI Scheme
    • Apple Store Search or Custom URL
    • Enable Universal Links (BundleID, Apple App Prefix)
    • Additional Settings

Configure Native Platforms

  1. Android

    • Add Branch to your AndroidManifest.xml
    • Add Branch App Links (Test and Live)
    • Add Branch Keys (Test and Live)
  2. iOS

    • Configure Bundle ID
    • Add associated domains from branch dashboard's Link Domain section of the configuration page to the iOS project "Signing & Capabilities" associated domain
    • Configure Info.plist for adding branch keys (Test and Live) and Links (Test and Live)
    • Add Custom URL Scheme in the URL types of Info.plist

Module (ensemble_deeplink)

Enable Deeplink service in Ensemble code

By default, Ensemble does not include the deeplink module to avoid installing unnecessary packages. Here, we uncomment a few lines of code to get the necessary packages.

Inside the directory where you cloned Ensemble Starter, open /lib/generated/ensemble_modules.dart.

  • Search for this line and uncomment it:
// import 'package:ensemble_deeplink/deferred_link_manager.dart';
  • Search for this line and uncomment it:
      // GetIt.I.registerSingleton<DeferredLinkManager>(DeferredLinkManagerImpl());
  • Search for this line and set it to true
  static const useDeeplink = false;

Initialize Branch SDK

  1. In the ensemble project, Initialize your branch SDK using the deeplinkInit action
    provider: branch
        useTestKey: true
        enableLog: true
        disableTrack: false
    onSuccess: |
        console.log("BranchSDK:: initialized successfully");
    onLinkReceived: |
        console.log("BranchSDK:: Branch Link Received: " +;
    onError: |
        console.log("BranchSDK:: Failed to initialize" + event.error);
  1. Create branch deep link using the createDeeplink action
    label: Create Branch Link
        provider: branch
            id: item/12345
            title: My Content Title
            contentDescription: My Content Description
            contentSchema: product
            channel: ensembleui
            feature: Sharing
            campaign: content launch
            stage: New User
            tags: [data, fsdf, sdd]
                ref: 1234
                name: Ensemble
        onSuccess: |
            console.log("BranchSDK:: Link created successfully: " +;
        onError: |
            console.log("BranchSDK:: Failed to create a link" + event.error);